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Rover Section Forms

Policies and Documents

All Rover Section forms are available on MyScout. Links to these forms are below:

RS1 - Crew Report Form

RS2 - Appointment of Proxy for BRC

RS3 - BRC Executive Nomination

RS4 - Personal Development Application for Training Subsidy

RS5 - Baden Powell Scout Award Registration

RS6 - Geoff Schnaars Award Nomination

RS7 - Henry Rymill Award Nomination

Standing Resolutions of the Branch Rover Council (November 2018)

BRC Finance Policy (being reviewed)

BRC Levy Payments (being reviewed)

Scouts Australia Policy & Rules (Latest)

Rovers Australia Drugs and Alcohol Guidelines

Membership Processes for Rover Crews Checklist

Program & Crew Support

Program Support

Crew Support

Pioneer Program Resources (Scout Central Access Required)

Rovers 100 Crew Resource Pack

Messengers of Peace - Rover Guidelines

Scout Law and Promise Resources

Rover Fun Guide

700+ Programming Ideas for Rovers

Scouts for SDGs - UN Sustainable Development Goals

Crew Development Plan

Crew Starter Kit

Breaking the Cycle - Bullying is not part of Scouting

Scout Central Support

headspace - Youth Mental Health Resources

Baden Powell Scout Award

BPSA Support Team

The SA BPSA Support Team is available to contact
regarding the Baden Powell Scout Award.

Our BPSA Team Members:

  • PJ Perry
  • Simon Barnett
  • Jessica Tsakiris

The team can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Branch Rover Council

Branch Rover Council Role Statements

Next Annual General Meeting: 13th November 2019

Executive Roles

Support Roles

Role Statement - Chairman

Role Statement - Program Officer

Role Statement - Membership Officer

Role Statement - Activities Officer

Role Statement - Promotions Officer

Role Statement - Executive Officer

Role Statement - Treasurer

Role Statement - Quartermaster

Role Statement - Adventurous Scout Activities Representative

Role Statement - BRC Crew Delegate

Role Statement - Merchandise Officer

Role Statement - Social Media Moderator

Role Statement - Webmaster

The Branch Rover Council Executive member contact details are available here.

Other Notes

Note On Uniform

- See below regarding Policy & Rules National Uniform Regulations for Rovers as Leaders.

        R14.3.7    Leaders

3. A Rover Scout appointed as a Leader, or to another uniformed adult membership position, may choose to wear their Rover Scout uniform whilst performing the duties of their appointed position, subject to retaining Rover Scout membership.

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