About Us

Rover Scouts provides a support network for young adults while they encounter many of the challenges of young adult life such as studying, seeking and securing employment, managing relationships, and balancing all this with their other hobbies & interests. Rovering provides an opportunity for many young people to put their lives into perspective. It helps them to develop a vision of where they want to be and what they want to do in the future. It teaches the vital lesson that to succeed, first you must try and then try again; that there is no such thing as failure, only attempts before accomplishment. This attitude is inspired through the Rover program and the Baden-Powell Scout Award scheme which empowers young adults to challenge themselves in the four different areas of growth & development: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.

However, most importantly Rovers provides a means for young adults to HAVE FUN! Let’s face it, Rovers are of the age where suddenly they are not adolescents any more, school is over and it’s time to grow up and face life. Rovers provide the avenue where young adults can forget the pressures of day to day life and escape to enjoy themselves. It provides the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and not be put down or criticised for it (by fellow Rovers anyway). Every now and then, everyone needs to remember to be young & reenact it!

Aim and purpose

The purpose of the Rover Scout Section is to help the transition from adolescence to adulthood and support young adults, young women and men, in the final phase of their integration into adult society.

The aims of the Rover Scout Section are to:

  • provide young adults with opportunities to undertake their development through the areas of personal growth, which Scouting recognises physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual growth which leads to character development;
  • give young adults the opportunity to discover the challenges of today’s world and to develop the motivation and the skills to face them, not only within their community and their country but also at international level;
  • help young adults acquire experience and skills in leadership; and
  • help young adults develop their own path in life and actively plan their future.


The other sections of the Movement have “Be Prepared” as their motto. Rovers, however, have their own motto, which is simply “Service”. Your Rover Unit will endeavour to complete a number of service projects while you are a Rover. These may be in the form of either service to Scouting, or service to the wider community. As a Rover, you may choose to help with a Cub Pack or perhaps you will build a bridge at the local Scout camp. Possible community service activities that your Unit might undertake include giving blood, meals on wheels, planting trees, taking disabled people out for a day, bush regeneration, Clean Up Australia Day, running camps for disadvantaged or sick children, or cleaning local monuments. As a Rover, you will develop a natural talent to find ways of making some of the initially most uninteresting activities fun and rewarding. Don’t worry, Service is certainly not a chore. It is a reminder that as a Rover you are part of Scouts Australia and a member of something more than just an outdoors club. 

Special Activities



When Rover Units get together for a weekend of crazy and unusual activities, it is called a Moot. You can meet many other Rovers from all around the country and the world. There are many varieties of Moots, ranging from local to World Moots. Branch Moots are often organised around a theme, and last for a weekend. National and World Moots are run similarly to Ventures and last for about 10 days.



When a Rover reaches the age of 26 it is time to move on to being part of the Fellowship. The term for the occasion when you leave Rovers is a Boot or a Booting. A Booting is usually a farewell party, barbecue or dinner where the Rover Unit wishes you well in life and sends you on your way. Sometimes they are held at Branch or National activities where many Rovers are present.