Scout Motorsport Club SA was created to allow members of Scouts in South Australia to run and participate in motorsport activities. They are an official club, affiliated with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS), and an activity team within the Adventurous Scouting Activities section of Scouts SA.

They run multiple activities each year both on dirt and tarmac, details of which you can find on their website.

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Historically, the club was founded as Rover Scout Motorsport (SA Branch) in 2006, with the express purpose of resuming the running of SA Rovers: Sandblast, our annual Rover Motorsport event.

For the next few years the club built itself from just running Sandblast, to organising multiple events, being social, practice or competitive, each year. They also provide whatever assistance we can in helping teams get new cars into race-ready condition. 

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It is a testament to the work that the committee did, that in 2007, one event was run with two locally built cars, just three years later this skyrocketed to six events and no less than 13 different cars.

In 2010 the challenge was put to run a five round club championship, and in the next year five competitive events were run at three different venues. The year ended with one winning team, and three equally placed in second, showing the determination that all the teams had to taste victory.

Also in 2011, the club expanded into running events on tarmac, holding two events at the newly opened Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, featuring a unique combination of standard Motorkhana style tests, complicated Slaloms and fast Gymkhana courses, providing something for everyone to enjoy. Scout Motorsport’s tarmac events are open to anyone in Scouting with a roadworthy vehicle, which only requires a fire extinguisher and a crash helmet.

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Early in 2013 it became apparent that RSMSA had expanded to the point where to be able to provide more services, it had to separate itself from the Rover section. So the decision was made, with the blessing of the Scouts SA leadership team, to become a full member of the Adventurous Activities section, and so, Rover Scout Motorsport (SA Branch), became the Scout Motorsport Club SA.

Today, the club strives to find new ways to support the members of Scouting, to help keep the spirit and passion for motorsport alive, and most of all, to move forward while going sideways!


Scout Motorsport are available to support your Unit in getting new cars ready to race, so visit their website to find out more!

Check out Scout Motorsport Club SA on Facebook, or contact for more information.