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Your Rover Unit will endeavour to complete a number of service projects while you are a Rover Scout. These may be in the form of either service to Scouting, or service to the wider community. As a Rover Scout, you may choose to help with a Cub Pack or perhaps you will build a bridge at the local Scout camp.

Possible community service activities that your Unit might undertake include giving blood, meals on wheels, planting trees, taking disabled people out for a day, bush regeneration, Clean Up Australia Day, running camps for disadvantaged or sick children, or cleaning local monuments. As a Rover Scout, you will develop a natural talent to find ways of making some of the initially most uninteresting activities fun and rewarding.

Don't worry, Service is certainly not a chore. It is a reminder that as a Rover Scout you are part of the Scout Association and a member of something more than just an outdoors club.

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