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Moots & Boots


When Rover Crews get together for a weekend of crazy and unusual activities, it is called a Moot. You can meet many other Rovers from all around the country and the world. There are many varieties of Moots, ranging from local to World Moots. Branch Moots are often organised around a theme, and last for a weekend. National and World Moots are run similarly to Ventures and last for about 10 days.


When a Rover reaches the age of 26 it is time to move on to being apart of the Fellowship. The term for the occasion when you leave Rovers is a Boot or a Booting. A Booting is usually a farewell party, barbecue or dinner where the Rover Crew wishes you well in life and sends you on your way. Sometimes they are held at Branch or National activities where many Rovers are present.

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