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So what the heck does Aesir mean? Well, it’s the name given to the gods of the Old Norse. Odin was the chief god (our crew leader). Other important Aesir include Thor, Freyr, Tyr & Loki. Once invested into the crew, you will receive a God name yourself. We’re all about the Vikings, so you will see our den adorned with hammers, helmets, pole-arms and various other Viking implements.

Our crew has a diverse range of interests; rock climbing, skiing (both water and snow), hiking and racing our Rover ‘buggy’ are just a few of the things we get up to. Anything you want, we’re ready to give it a go. The crew consists of experienced members including many Leaders in other sections. Many of our activities are oriented to the outdoors and include camping and hiking. The Aesir has a high percentage of its Rovers working on their Baden Powell Award (the highest award in a youth section), and are more than willing to help you get yours.

Aesir are a very welcoming crew. We are happy to allow anyone into our crew and are very accepting people. We all have one thing in common - we believe that no matter what, Rovers are there to have fun, even when the going is tough. Aesir give you a chance to get away from life (if only for a couple of hours each week) and spend some time in a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere without the peer pressures associated with many other groups. It also provides support should you wish to pursue more challenging activities.

So give us an email or check out our facebook page, and begin your journey in Rovers, with the Aesir Rover Crew.


Crew Leader: Cerez Williams

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crew Facebook Page:

Crew Meeting Location:Aesir Rover Den, 1st Beaumont Scout Hall, Corner of Cooper Place and Vansittart Place

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